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At oddEVEN, we like to rethink complicated concepts and translate them into amazing ideas people actually care about. We come up with cutting-edge digital solutions that effortlessly bridge the gap between marketing strategies and IT systems. We take your vision, add our know-how and deliver successful results that redefine the way digital business is done.

Marketing Technology

Marketing Technology defines how marketing and IT do business together.

At oddEVEN, we redefine Marketing Technology by creating a powerful liaison that makes marketing more agile and technology more creative. We push strategic, technological and innovative boundaries to present you with solutions that help your business reach its full digital potential.

Front End

Front End Development defines how your customers interact with your business online.

At oddEVEN, we provide unconventional digital solutions to help you get the most bang for your website buck. We redefine Front End Development because we know what makes your audience click and provide ideas that focus on user experience, performance and making your business shine online.

Software Development

Software Development defines how software is designed, programmed, implemented and maintained.

At oddEVEN, we don’t just write code. We redefine Software Development by choosing an integral approach to our work - we focus on Lifecycle Management and always consider the workflow and maintainability to create intuitive solutions that make your digital presence look like a million bucks.


It’s not about learning facts, but training the mind to think.


Are you curious what the next version of Angular brings? Then this workshop will be a perfect match for you! You’ll learn about core concepts of Angular 2 and a modern approach to build component based user interfaces. It will take place Friday, December 16, 2016.

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Stefan Malär

redefines Marketing Technology
like the mastermind he is.

“ I’m passionate about getting the right people together, finding beautiful solutions for complex problems, and promoting a human centric approach. When I don’t make sure marketing and technology get along, I spend quality time with my wife and daughter, play soccer with my friends and travel the world with all of them. ”

Nicole Korner

redefines Marketing Technology
like quite the trailblazer.

“ I’m passionate about turning marketing strategy into technical reality. When I’m not translating Marketing to IT and back, I play Volleyball, go for runs (more often than Gion), dance, and I’m on the lookout for opulently colourful things all around the world. ”

Bernhard Nitz

redefines Marketing Technology
like a true go-getter.

“ I’m passionate about making things happen: I thrive in the hustle and bustle of Marketing and IT coming together to achieve the best possible outcome. When I’m not trying to get the most bang for the project buck, I spend time with my family or explore the Zurich area on my mountain bike. ”

Andreas Malär

redefines Front End Development
like a true digital pioneer.

“ I’m passionate about engineering elegant solutions for tricky problems. When I’m not perfecting interfaces, I play soccer or discover new corners of the world. I’ve yet to meet either Stefan or Nicole in one of those corners. ”

Gion Kunz

redefines Front End Development
like it’s his job.

“ I’m passionate about web technologies and the limitless possibilities today’s browsers provide. When I’m not turning my ideas into pixels, I DJ, do bushcraft or go for runs. I'm definitely running faster and further than Nicole. ”

Iulian Samur

redefines Software Development
like a boss.

“ I’m passionate about new technologies and complex architectures. When I’m not in front of a computer, I spend a lot of time outdoors and with my family. Sometimes, I take my family outdoors, too. ”

Jeffrey Sulit

redefines Software Development
like he means it.

“ I’m passionate about SOLID principles and application lifecycle management. When I’m not obsessing on refactoring code, I go on long walks with my son, jam with my wife, do tons of pull-ups, and daydream of sunny beaches in the Philippines.  ”

Daniel Moeller

redefines Software Development
like a true digital groundbreaker.

“ I'm passionate about making complex solutions understandable and maintainable from single lines of code to frameworks and architecture. When I am not engineering digital solutions, I like to spend time outside - I run, bike, hike, and explore the underwater world with my camera.  ”

Markus Klimmasch

Redefines Software Development
like a real digital champion

“ I'm passionate about creating truly pragmatic software for seemingly complex problems. When I am not taming data structures, I am backpacking through the world,  snowboarding in the mountains or planning a barbecue. ”

Désirée Addy

redefines Finance & Administration
like an organisational superwoman.

“ I am passionate about keeping the books organized, improving processes and making sure that the unpopular background tasks get done. When I am not crunching numbers, you can find me working in my garden or on DIY projects around the house. Whenever possible, I like to travel the world with my hubby and my two boys - Italy and South East Asia are some of my favorite destinations.  ”


We write (and gossip) about all of the relevant, interesting, and insightful things that keep fans of Marketing Technology, Front End, and Software Development busy.

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Componentize your Development!

By Gion Kunz, 15.09.2016

Components have become a core asset of most modern frameworks like React or Angular. Even the web standard is evolving into a component based direction with the Web Components proposals. What’s behind this movement in user interface development?

AngularComponentsFront End

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Communicate with your IoT device using SMS

By Andreas Malär, 02.09.2016

We demonstrate an easy setup that allows anyone to send commands to your Internet of Things (IoT) device and get feedback. Our device of choice is Particle's Internet Button and we use an Android phone as SMS gateway. IFTTT's simple if-this-then-that recipes connect the Internet Button and the gateway phone.

Internet ButtonInternet of ThingsPrototyping

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Customer Experience sichtbar machen

By Nicole Korner, 25.08.2016

Wie erklären sie ihrem Management ihre Customer Experience und wie visualisieren sie diese? Hier stellen wir das Customer Journey Mapping vor, ein revolutionäres Werkzeug um ihre Kunden und ihr Unternehmen kennen zu lernen.

Customer Journey MappingOmni-ChannelUser Experience

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